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  • The president denied having any knowledge about briefing papers his campaign was thought to have attained.
  • Unfortunately the general public was never able to hear these briefings. Cited from The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects, by Edward Ruppelt
  • I cannot remember a day when that briefing did not include at least one terrorism lead from this program.
  • Members also receive a free e-newsletter several times a year with briefings and news items.
  • Muri's unit received no specific training nor any pre-flight briefing.
  • One large hangar, together with an operations room, briefing room and other facilities.
  • A senior officer briefing journalists cast doubt on the idea that the two were dead.
  • Cochran died seven days later and the court asked for further briefing.
  • The events which took place after this briefing would go down as one of the greatest failures in military history.
  • These status reports would then be used for briefings as well as Cabinet meetings.
  • Meanwhile, the affected communities have been given briefings on the planned route.
  • Also within the building there is a workshop, training and briefing room and a station office.
  • The attack occurred as police officers were lining up nearby for a morning briefing.
  • She is also noted for attending daily press briefings at the United Nations.
  • Vincent has written many scientific papers, technical reports, popular articles and policy briefings.
  • Many of the main scenes of the show were shot over the course of many hours, such as the briefing room scenes.
  • The Campaign mode also plays video clips and has a briefing before any mission.
  • Officials had turned a small second-story room there into a makeshift briefing room for the media.
  • The car was now brought to the final test shown in the briefing room: the barrier test.
  • It announced it would hold a weekly media briefing instead.
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Root form of briefing is brief for the verb.

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Meaning of briefing

  • noun Detailed instructions, as for a military operation
  • verb Give essential information to someone
    The reporters were briefed about the President's plan to invade