briefing schedule

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  • A briefing schedule on the in-state issue was completed by May 28.
  • The Seventh Circuit set a briefing schedule to be completed on September 19.
  • A briefing schedule on this issue was completed by May 28.
  • Judge Childs has lifted the stay on proceedings and asked the parties in Bradacs to provide a briefing schedule.
  • She set a briefing schedule to conclude December 8.
  • The D.C. Circuit's order set a briefing schedule starting on October 3 and ending on November 17.
  • The Tenth Circuit ordered the appeals process to be heard on an expedited basis and set a briefing schedule to be completed by February 25.
  • In its response filed the same day, BLAG agreed to the plaintiffs' request provided that other cases are consolidated with it, notably Massachusetts, and that the briefing schedule be revised.
  • On August 16, 2010, the Ninth Circuit granted Proponents' motion for a stay pending appeal and set an expedited briefing schedule.
  • Two days later, the Puerto Rico Supreme Court granted the senator's motion for intra-jurisdictional certification and agreed to take up the case directly, thus removing it from the trial court's docket and setting an expedited briefing schedule.
  • A July 16, 2014, order by the Sixth Circuit set an expedited briefing schedule: state appellants' opening brief due July 17, appellee same-sex couples' principal brief due July 24, and appellants' reply due July 31.
  • The court set a briefing schedule for the case, now styled as Bostic v. Schaefer and docketed as case number 14-1167, to be completed by April 30, with arguments held on May 13, 2014.