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  • The player can bribe them or kill them before they reach the station.
  • Parents often pay bribes to get their children admitted to better public schools.
  • If the doctor knew how much they kept away he might say I bribed them. Cited from My Lady Nicotine, by J. M. Barrie
  • No doubt money would be spent like water in bribing any one who might give information about us. Cited from Robbery Under Arms, by Rolf Boldrewood
  • His day starts when he received information that one of his officers has been taking bribes.
  • We are finding it very difficult for women to go around bribing people.
  • He claims that he turned it down as the bribe offered was too small.
  • Prison staff often forced family members to pay bribes to bring food to prisoners.
  • Bribing can be used to make certain guards go away from their post.
  • Each side knew the other was taking bribes early in the strike.
  • At the time of his death, he was under investigation for taking bribes.
  • She bribed me with gold, and now when I am dead, who will take care of my mother? Cited from Tempest and Sunshine, by Mary J. Holmes
  • Most were secret and done at night; some involved the bribing of top government officials.
  • Being honest men, he knew they would only accept the bribe if they felt they could help him.
  • She also made large bribes to city and law enforcement officials to keep her business open.
  • He was given a two years sentence for trying to bribe the official.
  • A bribe was paid and the team was allowed to continue with their equipment.
  • For these reasons bribed officials are most effective when they are asked to take immediate action.
  • Bribes may be demanded in order for an official to do something he is already paid to do.
  • Food and money can be used to bribe and gather information from other characters.
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Meaning of bribe

  • noun Payment made to a person in a position of trust to corrupt his judgment
  • verb Make illegal payments to in exchange for favors or influence
    This judge can be bought