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  • Following his training in that school he received his staff officer's brevet.
  • He received a brevet promotion to major general before leaving the service.
  • Alexander received a brevet to major in the regular army for his service during the battle.
  • At the end of the war, he received the brevet rank of major general.
  • In recognition of his service, he was brevetted major general in the regular army.
  • Before the close of the war he had been brevetted Major-general. Cited from Bay State Monthly, Vol. II. No. 4, January, 1885, by Various
  • Near the end of his service, he was promoted to the brevet rank of major general.
  • He later became a first lieutenant, captain then a brevet major of volunteers.
  • He was later breveted to major for his actions in the war.
  • Before the close of the war, he was brevetted major general.
  • Nine years later, with a brevet as lieutenant colonel, he served in the same capacity.
  • Acts may be drawn up in public or private form, said en minute and en brevet respectively.
  • He received brevet promotion to major at the end of the war.
  • After the battle, May received two brevets to the rank of lieutenant colonel.
  • He had been wounded six times and received seven brevets.
  • He later was promoted to the rank of major general by brevet.
  • He was given a brevet promotion to major general at the end of the conflict.
  • He graduated after only two years, receiving a commission as brevet second lieutenant of light artillery.
  • He was appointed a brevet major general in both the regular army and in the volunteer forces.
  • He was promoted to the grade of first lieutenant and brevetted captain and major.
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Meaning of brevet

  • noun A document entitling a commissioned officer to hold a higher rank temporarily (but without higher pay)
  • verb Promote somebody by brevet, in the military