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  • Info A relationship breakup, often referred to simply as a breakup, is the termination of an intimate relationship by any means other than death. more...
  • He wrote most of the songs for the album in one week after the breakup.
  • The breakup of the country also broke up its top-flight league into several smaller ones.
  • Every year at breakup, families moved up into the hills from the point.
  • No clear answer has ever been given for the band's breakup.
  • Following the band's breakup the members moved on to other musical projects.
  • Since the breakup, the members have gone on to work on their own projects.
  • Following the breakup, each band member devoted time to his own solo projects.
  • Despite their breakup, the two decided to stay on good terms and to continue to work together.
  • Following the breakup, individual band members released a variety of solo efforts.
  • Case has continued with a solo career since the band's mid-1980s breakup.
  • Following the band's breakup, individual members have gone on to a wide range of professional activities.
  • Jackson finished his career as the second all-time leader among Michigan players in pass breakups.
  • As a result, the band was dropped by their record label, leading to a breakup.
  • Following Government Issue's breakup the members moved on to other musical projects.
  • All of the band members continued in music after the breakup of Bush.
  • He called for the breakup of Europe into hundreds of city states.
  • Apparently, their breakup had occurred some time prior to the report.
  • This felt like a real-life breakup in many ways.
  • However, despite their success, internal strife within the group led to their breakup shortly afterwards.
  • It proved their last; a meeting two years later to record a new album ended with the breakup of the band.
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