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  • Breakout is the only one-player game, the other being for two, three, or four players.
  • It quickly became the site of numerous breakouts and break out attempts.
  • A breakout is when prices pass through and stay through an area of support or resistance.
  • It would also work well for breakout-style games.
  • The network liked the pilot but did not order it because there were no breakout stars.
  • Although this was the end of the battle it was not the end of the breakout.
  • The larger a temporary lake is, the more extreme the likely breakout will be.
  • The centre should always be prepared for a quick breakout pass by the opposing team.
  • Mass breakouts did occur at the institution on at least four occasions.
  • These events are what led to a final attempt at a breakout hit, Final Fantasy.
  • They decided to compete in the original version of Breakout for the programming rights.
  • The role was considered Burton's breakout role and is her best-known to date.
  • Thankfully no breakouts of this disease have been reported in the current past centuries.
  • Then they used the legs to pry open their cell doors in a mass breakout.
  • The success of the game resulted in the development of Super Breakout a couple of years later.
  • However this new tradition breakout was not entirely new.
  • A Game Boy port was made including a port of Breakout.
  • His performance has been received with good reviews, with many considering it to be his "breakout role".
  • All floors have "breakout" spaces, where classes can go to do project/group work.
  • Nick also Co-wrote/created/executive produced the television series Breakout Kings.
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