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  • Breakaway became a commercial success and eventually became her most successful album to date.
  • This stage saw numerous breakaways get away and stay away for a time.
  • Other breakaway/independent bodies exist on both a national and an international level.
  • As often this year the stage started fast and was marked by early breakaway attempts.
  • A player is required to take three breakaways in less than thirty seconds.
  • These breakaways were recorded over a period of more than two decades.
  • This was because the party was an original one, not a breakaway from another party.
  • His father also won a stage of the Tour de France after a solo breakaway.
  • His day-long breakaway also saw him wear the yellow jersey.
  • During stage twelve, he was in a breakaway with three others.
  • The player could make as many moves as he wanted in a breakaway situation within the time frame.
  • He won the stage, attacking from a breakaway, and finished second in stage seven.
  • Smaller teams may simply get riders into a long breakaway to get coverage on television.
  • Thomas was then given the freedom to go for stage wins and appeared in a number of breakaways.
  • In response it was announced that plans for a breakaway series were still being pursued.
  • Feeling disenchanted with the organization, he formed a small and short-lived breakaway movement.
  • The stage was led almost from start to finish by three breakaway riders.
  • As various breakaway groups were established, additional clusters of church members followed.
  • This caused some critics to leave the movement and to form breakaway co-counseling groups.
  • Several officials and members were imprisoned and the breakaway union became even more isolated.
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  • noun The act of breaking away or withdrawing from
    there was a breakaway by the discontented members, a breaking away from family and neighborhood