brazier with

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  • Queen Gulnare then ordered one of her women to bring her a brazier with a little fire. Cited from Fairy Tales From The Arabian Nights, by E. Dixon
  • The brazier with its heap of living coals had astonished him before; now the house was all alight! Cited from The Prince of India, by Lew. Wallace, Vol. 1
  • A brazier with live coals is also brought in. Cited from German Classics of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries, Vol. VII
  • Hamza had already brought a brazier with iron legs, which was protected from the wind by a screen of canvas. Cited from Bella Donna, by Robert Hichens
  • Before the altar was an open brazier with incense burning in it. Cited from The Japanese Twins, by Lucy Fitch Perkins
  • Having filled the brazier with hot coals, which she took from a fire burning in the open hearth, she waited patiently for the metal bowl to become hot. Cited from Under the Chilian Flag, by Harry Collingwood
  • "Hola!" hailed a man, signalling by a brazier with his back to the wind. Cited from Lady Good-for-Nothing, by A. T. Quiller-Couch
  • For several minutes he uttered not a word, but swung his right foot, which hung down, and stared at the brazier with an air of savage revery. Cited from Les Miserables, by Victor Hugo
  • At the other side of the room there is a brazier with a fire; two women, with musical instruments beside them, crouch about the brazier: they are comely women of about forty. Cited from Irish Plays and Playwrights, by Cornelius Weygandt
  • She was then dining alone, and her solitary dinner had been brought in from somewhere, over a kind of brazier with a fire in it, and she had no company or prospect of company, that I could see, but the old man who had brought it. Cited from Little Dorrit, by Charles Dickens
  • The fire set blazing by those lit green swords of hers was in the heart of an Assessor of Civil Causes, a brazier with only too good a draught. Cited from Little Novels of Italy, by Maurice Henry Hewlett
  • When, after the evening meal, Kenkenes crossed the court to talk with him, he found the elder sculptor feeding a greedy flame in a brazier with the careful plans for the new temple to Set. Cited from The Yoke, by Elizabeth Miller
  • In the living-room of every house is contained a brazier with live coals, a kettle to boil water, a tray with tea-pot, cups, and a tea-caddy. Cited from The Little Tea Book, by Arthur Gray
  • Then, after having washed her hands well, and having extinguished the fire in the brazier with wine or with milk, she began to pick out the bones among the ashes and to gather them into her bosom or the folds of her robe. Cited from The Wonders of Pompeii, by Marc Monnier
  • These words were uttered by Brazier with frantic haste, and directly after he uttered a cry of horror and pointed to Rob's forehead close up amongst the hair, where a little thread of blood began to ooze forth. Cited from Rob Harlow's Adventures, by George Manville Fenn