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  • This line plays during a fight scene with the title above the brawl.
  • Many people attempted to start brawls throughout the day, however none were successful.
  • Brawl would continue to appear in a limited capacity throughout the third season.
  • The teams brawled for a full hour after the end of the second period.
  • Afterwards one word followed another, till from brawling they came to fighting. Cited from Heimskringla [Norwegian Kings], by Snorri Sturlson
  • The match started slowly, but both teams soon began brawling in the ring.
  • The family ends up in an all-out brawl to get it out of their system.
  • Five brawls broke out in the last two minutes of the game.
  • In all, nine players and officials were reported during the second quarter brawls.
  • She said that she was ill enough pleased to hear of your brawling. Cited from The Mississippi Bubble, by Emerson Hough
  • After brawling for about five minutes, they noticed that they were the only ones left.
  • All the six men began brawling with each other, until Nation were sent to the outside.
  • Otherwise there is no doubt that brawls would have been more frequent than they were. Cited from The Forty-Niners, by Stewart Edward White
  • He was suspended for five games due to his role in the brawl.
  • A small river brawled over the stones below -- far below where we were walking. Cited from Norah's Tour of Ireland, Margaret Dixon McDougall
  • For if he spoke up for himself, they'd call it brawling in church, and turn him out. Cited from The Vicissitudes of Bessie Fairfax, by Harriet Parr (AKA Holme Lee)
  • I do not like brawling where one cannot fight. Cited from Annals of a Quiet Neighbourhood, G. MacDonald
  • When he was five, his father died in a bar brawl, and after that he was raised by his mother.
  • Edge refused, leading to a brawl between the two, in which Christian got the upper hand.
  • After the show, members of the band brawled with security staff.
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Meaning of brawl

  • noun A noisy fight in a crowd
  • verb To quarrel noisily, angrily or disruptively
    The bar keeper threw them out, but they continued to wrangle on down the street