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  • He also brainwashes them to ensure that they stay out of the way.
  • There, these citizens are brainwashed and forced to fight in a war against yet another city.
  • He must brainwash the children so they will be all good and modest.
  • They've also shown an ability to brainwash people for their cause.
  • They have been brainwashed into thinking that this is who they are.
  • He was brainwashed and used as a hit-man, shooting two people in the process.
  • I know the people inside are brainwashed and they're laughing at me.
  • He saw contemporary popular music as a Soviet plot to brainwash American youth.
  • His power is mostly used to brainwash new members of HOLY.
  • Silver and the League attack the island and its natives are brainwashed into fighting back.
  • She then used a modified version of her technique to brainwash the male members of the university.
  • She has no memory of her life prior to being brainwashed to love Torg.
  • While there, he was brainwashed and assigned to kill M upon returning to England.
  • The brainwashed child soldiers were taught to follow any order without hesitation.
  • He grew concerned that she was being brainwashed and worried that he would lose her for good.
  • We are all brainwashed in society, even if we do not normally have an individual we can link with this.
  • Valentine also has the power to brainwash enemies and turn them into her allies.
  • He is brainwashed and his body is reduced in size.
  • It has a special program where prisoners are brainwashed to become obedient soldiers.
  • He and the other Exiles save their brainwashed friends after fighting them.
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How brainwash gets used

Meaning of brainwash

  • verb Persuade completely, often through coercion
    The propaganda brainwashed many people
  • verb Submit to brainwashing; indoctrinate forcibly