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  • Braidwood said he would leave any further questions about possible charges against the officers for the Crown to decide.
  • At that time a post office was opened with mail being delivered each week over the mountains from Braidwood.
  • However, before his death, Wilson had purchased the block immediately to the north of Braidwood.
  • The chief of the fire brigade, James Braidwood died in the fire.
  • He was rebuffed by both the Braidwood schools who refused to teach him their methods.
  • Unfortunately while they were abroad their son David died at Braidwood.
  • The local paper is now called the Braidwood Times.
  • His son, James Braidwood Wilson, was born at sea en route.
  • For the last three decades of her life, she lived in the New South Wales town of Braidwood.
  • Braidwood has also begun a mixed martial arts career.
  • Braidwood's name had been used in several episodes, including this one, as an in-joke due to his assistant director role.
  • The head of the Establishment, James Braidwood, was killed by a falling wall while fighting the fire.
  • He went on to play the following ten matches, before his place in the team was taken by Ernie Braidwood.
  • RCMP found a suspect vehicle, with two men outside the car and Braidwood and another man inside.
  • Alan Braidwood from BBC Music felt that the song was the most straight forward dance track on the album.
  • Robert and Elizabeth were both involved in the Braidwood community.
  • After their marriage the couple lived in Mona Cottage Braidwood where they had eleven children.
  • Davis is also the co-writer of the first six episodes and directed three of them, with the other three directed by Tom Braidwood.
  • James Braidwood, who organised Britain's first municipal fire brigade was also born in the city and began his career there.
  • Braidwood was formerly the seat of the Tallaganda local government area.
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