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  • Info Braidley is a hamlet in Coverdale in the Yorkshire Dales in England. more...
  • It flows in a north-east direction past Woodale, Braidley and Horsehouse.
  • We have not Mr. Braidley's attested statement, but Ann's character as a Medium is under a cloud. Cited from Cock Lane and Common-Sense, by Andrew Lang
  • Braidley also contributed to the Shepherd's Voice, a religious magazine, and wrote tracts in a local controversy on the doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church.
  • Braidley was the author of Sunday School Memorials, Manchester, 1831, which contains short biographies of persons connected with the Bennett Street Sunday schools.
  • In 1835 Braidley was twice the unsuccessful candidate in the conservative interest for, He visited America in 1837, and his diary during his visit shows his major interests as education, the slavery question, and religion, as regarded from an evangelical standpoint.
  • In 1817 an old Mr. Braidley, who loved his joke, told Hone that he knew Ann, and that she confessed to having done the tricks by aid of horse-hairs, wires and other simple appliances. Cited from Cock Lane and Common-Sense, by Andrew Lang
  • Braidley was the son of farmer Benjamin Braidley and was born at Sedgefield, Durham, on 19 August 1792.
  • In June 2011 ATT President Simon Braidley expressed concern that HM Revenue and Customs was adding an excessive tax compliance burden to small and medium enterprises.