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  • The youth teams train at a sports facility based within Braidhurst High School.
  • In 1974, Braidhurst would convert into a six-year comprehensive school, which it has remained since.
  • To the south-east of Forgewood, is the secondary school Braidhurst High School, that serves the area.
  • This meant that young footballers all around Lanarkshire could apply for a place in Braidhurst through the initiative.
  • Braidhurst High School was established in 1962, making it one of the more modern secondary schools in Motherwell.
  • Braidhurst has a school roll of around 600 pupils.
  • With a roll of around 500, Braidhurst is one of the smaller secondary schools in Lanarkshire.
  • Pupils from other schools near to Dalziel, such as Logans Primary School, usually get transferred to Braidhurst High School.
  • The new outdoor playing fields have meant that in 2008, Braidhurst became a designated SFA School of football facility, one of six facilities with this status in Scotland.
  • Braidhurst High School is a non-denominational secondary school located in the Forgewood suburb of Motherwell, North Lanarkshire, Scotland.
  • It by-passes the Forgewood suburb of Motherwell heading towards Braidhurst High School, and subsequently travels under the Argyle Line heading towards the new site of the Cathedral Primary School and Fir Park nursery joint campus.
  • As well as being a secondary school for the Forgewood suburb of Motherwell, Braidhurst is also in the catchment area of other areas of Motherwell including North Motherwell, Jerviston and even Mossend.