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  • Since the beginning, the Braidense was designed as a general library.
  • In 1880, the Braidense was given the status of national library.
  • As a result, the Braidense became the regional legal deposit archive for Lombardy.
  • A small portion of the gallery were miraculously saved from the bombs, with some exhibits of the collection Braidense.
  • The Braidense Library was created in 1770 by Maria Theresa of Austria when she decided to make the collection she had acquired from Carlo Pertusati available to the public.
  • Both the Academy and the Gallery are located in Palazzo Brera, the main historical building of the area; this same building also houses Milan's botanical garden as well as an astronomical observatory and the Braidense National Library.
  • The library and archive of Novati letters were donated to the Biblioteca Braidense of Milan in 1916.
  • When the Jesuits were disbanded in 1773, the palazzo remained the seat of the astronomical Observatory and the Braidense National Library founded by the Jesuits.
  • In addition to the Pertusati collection, the library also contained the holdings of the Collegio Braidense and of the Jesuit houses of San Fedele and San Girolamo.
  • For instance, the Biblioteca Nazionale Braidense is the Lombardy legal deposit library since 1788 (when it covered the Duchy of Milan), and the National Central Library of Florence since 1743 (for the Grand Duchy of Tuscany).