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  • She was all ready for bed with her hair braided down her back. Cited from The Fifth Wheel, by Olive Higgins Prouty
  • It showed a little girl of some ten years with her hair braided down her back. Cited from Harrigan, by Max Brand
  • She must have fair hair which should be braided down her back. Cited from The Belles of Canterbury, by Anna Bird Stewart
  • He is well known for having his hair braided into two horns on his head.
  • The hair is generally black, heavy, braided and spread on her back. Cited from Modern Persia, by Mooshie G. Daniel
  • The channel is braided, with high-standing islands in the middle of the channel.
  • The two women had often dressed in similar colors, and braided their hair the same way.
  • The woman washed her face and hands, braided up her hair, and then sat down on the rock. Cited from The Little Savage, by Captain Frederick Marryat
  • The most common use for braided line is fishing electric line tools.
  • In some parts the channel is very wide and braided, and occasionally very shallow.
  • Her light hair was braided and fastened up round her head. Cited from The Swiss Family Robinson; or Adventures in a Desert Island, by Wyss
  • They also braided a strand of hair from the top of their head.
  • His head was shaved on one side, and he had long braided hair on the other. Cited from Montlivet, by Alice Prescott Smith
  • Her hair was braided like a child's, and fell down her back in a single strand. Cited from Other Main-Travelled Roads, by Hamlin Garland
  • Young women might wear their hair long and braided, but women parted their hair in the middle and kept it short.
  • One came down the aisle toward the girl with the braided hair. Cited from Other Main-Travelled Roads, by Hamlin Garland
  • Their hair, braided down their backs for the night, was left as it was. Cited from The Meadow-Brook Girls Afloat, by Janet Aldridge
  • The little girl with the braided hair stopped short. Cited from Tales From Bohemia, by Robert Neilson Stephens
  • The men had their hair braided, and wound round their heads, and the women wore their hair short like our men. Cited from History and Collection of Voyages and Travels, Vol. III, by Robert Kerr
  • He is described as having brown skin, with black plaits of hair braided with gold.
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Root form of braided is braid for the verb.

Meaning of braided

  • verb Make by braiding or interlacing
    lace a tablecloth
  • verb Decorate with braids or ribbons
    braid a collar
  • verb Form or weave into a braid or braids
    braid hair