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  • Life in A Minor Key is musical artist Chris Braide's second studio album.
  • Songwriter-producer Chris Braide confirmed in August that he had just written and produced two tracks for the album.
  • Chapter One is musical artist Chris Braide's debut album.
  • Though Chris Braide was no longer a member of the band by the time the album was completed, he receives writing and production credits on every track.
  • The album featured vocals by the British musician, Chris Braide.
  • Braide said that he composed "skeleton" versions of the songs by himself, and then two members of JLS then came into his London studio to help complete them.
  • Cole's A&R at Polydor had remembered the track and suggested she record it with Braide at his studio.
  • The ceremonial jacket of the mounted unit is red in colour with black riding breeches with double gold braide on both sides of the breeches.
  • The song was written by Faith and Chris Braide, while Nellee Hooper produced it.
  • Braide has described how the album's lyrics are thematically related to the Producers song "Watching You Out There".
  • Braide provided the programming, string arrangement, piano and keyboards.
  • The song was produced by Chris Braide and Academy Award-nominated songwriter and producer Anne Preven.
  • Further work with Horn followed, including forming the band Producers, also with Chris Braide and Steve Lipson.
  • Braide would continue to work with Squeeze as a session musician on several of their albums, and officially joined the band as their keyboardist for a few months in 1999.
  • The album also included a second new track co-written with and produced by Chris Braide entitled "Who's Gonna Save Your Soul" and two live tracks.
  • Starting in 1993, Braide began a long-running association with Squeeze, singing backing vocals on their album Some Fantastic Place.
  • The song was written by Chris Braide and Sia, while production was handled by Greg Kurstin.
  • It was written and produced by Chris Braide and Astley in 2001.
  • In an interview with HitQuarters Braide said the song was written in Cathy Dennis' front room at her baby grand piano and recorded on a small Dictaphone.
  • The Amakiri faction succeeeded, while the Barboy or Will Braide group moved to the new settlement of Bakana.
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