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  • The San Giorgio in Braida bells are notable works of art both for decoration and musical precision.
  • The next day, Milan general director Ariedo Braida claimed that Silva was not for sale.
  • Thus on the whole Braida's work represents a decided retrogression in the development of pastoral; or perhaps it may be more accurate to say that it renects the tradition of an outlying district in which that development had been retarded. Cited from Pastoral Poetry and Pastoral Drama, by Walter W. Greg
  • This event was organized in a way so that all the teams of the city and also from the suburbs like Chievo and Santa Lucia, had to adhere to the oldest and most prestigious: San Giorgio in Braida.
  • Giorgio in Braida, birthplace of the Veronese system of ringing In San Giorgio in Braida the new bells were hung in such a way that the new style of ringing could develop.
  • The Palazzo Brera owes its name to the Germanic braida, indicating a grassy opening in the city structure: compare the Bra of Verona.
  • After the master's death in 1605, he completed alongside Turchi the large canvas depicting Fall of Manna in the church of San Giorgio in Braida in Verona, left unfinished on the master's death in 1605.
  • Di Terra, an Italy based trio with Alberto Braida (piano), and Fabrizio Spera (drums), has been an exclusively acoustic music vehicle for Ellis.