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  • Her hair she wore in the ancient fashion, in two braids on either side of her face. Cited from O Henry Memorial Award Prize Stories of 1919, by Various
  • The channel is braided, with high-standing islands in the middle of the channel.
  • Her hair is dark, almost black, and is tied in a long braid.
  • Having now completed our list of materials, we can proceed to lay on the braid. Cited from Beeton's Book of Needlework, by Isabella Beeton
  • Braids have been made for thousands of years and for a variety of uses.
  • My long black braids had been cut off, and my style of dress changed, still he had recognized me. Cited from The Expedition of the Donner Party and its Tragic Fate, by Houghton
  • Her quaint dress and the long braid down her back made her look like a child. Cited from The Girl from Montana, by Grace Livingston Hill
  • The braids of her dark hair fell forward over her shoulders. Cited from Wandl the Invader, by Raymond King Cummings
  • When he drew his gude braid-sword Then he gave his royal word.
  • The female figure even has a hanging braid of hair to the back.
  • It has been worn with the braid on the outside ever since.
  • Her hair hung in two big braids as it had during her illness. Cited from The Harvester, by Gene Stratton Porter
  • Hair in two long braids on either side of face. Cited from The White Christmas and other Merry Christmas Plays, by Walter Ben Hare
  • The only thing about her of any size and color was the heavy braid of hair fallen over her shoulder. Cited from The Coast of Chance, by Esther Chamberlain and Lucia Chamberlain
  • I caught a glance at her face, brown between her braids. Cited from The Way of a Man, by Emerson Hough
  • Years ago she had said that when she married she would braid it in sevens. Cited from The Return of the Native, by Thomas Hardy
  • His braids were cut and his traditional clothing replaced with a white man's suit.
  • The two women had often dressed in similar colors, and braided their hair the same way.
  • His heart beat very fast as two huge men in gold braid flung open the doors. Cited from The Young Visiters or, Mr. Salteena's Plan, by Daisy Ashford
  • Her wonderful braids of black hair had been twisted high on her head. Cited from Judith of the Plains, by Marie Manning
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Meaning of braid

  • noun A hairdo formed by braiding or twisting the hair
  • noun Trimming used to decorate clothes or curtains
  • verb Make by braiding or interlacing
    lace a tablecloth
  • verb Decorate with braids or ribbons
    braid a collar
  • verb Form or weave into a braid or braids
    braid hair