Braid Burn

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  • The Braid Burn is the principle watercourse, flowing for some through the nature reserve.
  • There is an original cast iron skew bridge over the Braid Burn at the Duddingston Road junction.
  • The shopping centre was built on the low-lying flood plain of the Braid Burn, which is culverted for much of its course through this neighbourhood.
  • Bonaly Burn has its sources in the hills above Bonaly and flows towards Oxgangs, where it becomes the Braid Burn.
  • After leaving Newington, it joins the Braid Burn at Peffermill, where it turns in a north-easterly direction.
  • The core of the name is shared with the Braid Burn and the nearby Hermitage of Braid woodland park.
  • When land in the west muir area was feued in 1597, the council reserved a path at the east end leading to the Braid Burn for use during times of pestilence.
  • Between 2004 and 2010 the City of Edinburgh Council implemented flood prevention measures along much of the course of the Braid Burn.
  • It is a tributary of the Braid Burn.
  • In the 18th century the estate was purchased by the lawyer Charles Gordon of Cluny (died 1814), who commissioned the present house, known as Hermitage of Braid or Hermitage House, which stands on the north side of the Braid Burn.