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  • Info Bracken (Pteridium) is a genus of large, coarse ferns in the family Dennstaedtiaceae. more...
  • He was appointed to his party position by then federal leader John Bracken.
  • She was also from Bracken County and they had known each other since they were young.
  • I went in and turned up the bracken for my bed. Cited from The Shadow of a Crime, by Hall Caine
  • However, Bracken was unable to kill her because Smith forced him to back down.
  • Bracken won't like it if I stay away any longer. Cited from Mary Rose of Mifflin, by Frances R. Sterrett
  • Mrs. Bracken slipped across the room and put her hand on his arm. Cited from Mary Rose of Mifflin, by Frances R. Sterrett
  • John Bracken, who had not run in the election, was chosen as party leader.
  • Pretty clear going to it, bar the bracken -- she'll do it easily. Cited from The Secret of the Tower, by Hope, Anthony
  • Everybody scrambled up immediately and set out again over the bracken-covered hill-side. Cited from For the Sake of the School, by Angela Brazil
  • He lay on his back beside her in the bracken. Cited from Mary Olivier: A Life, by May Sinclair
  • He pointed, but for a moment I could see nothing but the trees and the bracken. Cited from Adventures In Contentment, by David Grayson
  • One of these is to be the work of Miss Bracken, who is the only woman among them. Cited from Women in the fine arts, by Clara Erskine Clement
  • For a long time he lay very still, watching the bracken, and hoping that they would come back. Cited from The Velveteen Rabbit, by Margery Williams
  • Bracken, who had not previously considered a career in politics, allowed his name to stand after a brief discussion.
  • Mr. Bracken found one morning, when he had reached his office, that he had forgotten some important papers. Cited from Mary Rose of Mifflin, by Frances R. Sterrett
  • The site has an unusually high number of different butterfly species found around the bracken.
  • The young man behind the bracken felt himself in somewhat of a dilemma. Cited from A Maker of History, by E. Phillips Oppenheim
  • Other plant matter, such as bracken, was also used.
  • He gathered some dry bracken and spread a bed of it near the white goat. Cited from Waysiders, Stories of Connacht, by Seumas O'Kelly
  • A postponed meeting brought Mrs. Bracken home that day several hours before she had planned. Cited from Mary Rose of Mifflin, by Frances R. Sterrett
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Meaning of bracken

  • noun Fern of southeastern asia; not hardy in cold temperate regions
  • noun Large coarse fern often several feet high; essentially weed ferns; cosmopolitan