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  • Even now, all these years later, we continue to boycott the event.
  • They thus boycotted the commission from the time it began its work.
  • It was the first boycott by a professional sports event of an entire city.
  • During the boycott, some of the first freedom schools of the period were established.
  • His protest gained support and soon students were boycotting to show their support.
  • Goods made in these countries were generally boycotted and even thrown into the sea.
  • A local Catholic church started a boycott of the family store and its business dropped off.
  • Radio stations boycotted the song, so the campaign never took off.
  • The song was released as a single, and it was boycotted in certain southern states.
  • I am sure that neither he nor anyone else will succeed in boycotting us. Cited from Life of Charles W. Dilke, Vol. 2,Stephen Gwynn
  • However, in the end he boycotted the election, saying it would not be free and fair.
  • The third part of his policy consisted in doing what we should call "boycotting." Cited from A School History of the United States, by John Bach McMaster
  • However, many French radio stations decided to boycott the group's music.
  • Almost all opposition parties boycotted the second round as a result.
  • Other major political parties quickly agreed to participate, ending any chance of a boycott.
  • For the first time since independence, no group boycotted the election.
  • This is something you can't do if films are boycotted.
  • The group agreed that a new organization was needed to lead the boycott effort if it were to continue.
  • Boycott returned to the team at the end of the season for the tour to Australia.
  • Holding together a boycott for that length of time would have been a great strain.
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Meaning of boycott

  • noun A group's refusal to have commercial dealings with some organization in protest against its policies
  • verb Refuse to sponsor; refuse to do business with