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  • He has not won more than ten bouts in a tournament since then.
  • These bouts once again took place ten days apart from each other.
  • He decided that he would take time off after this bout.
  • There are also some two- and three-round professional bouts, especially in Australia.
  • He fought frequently for the next nine years without losing a bout.
  • He fought for the championship three times, but lost all three bouts.
  • There is no ground work and the bouts are usually best of five falls.
  • He won three bouts, lost one and had three no decisions that year.
  • However, he pulled out of the bout due to injury ten days prior to the event.
  • He continued fighting, winning all of his bouts against limited opposition.
  • The bouts typically last just a few minutes, with the largest and oldest male usually winning.
  • In spite of his bouts of ill health, he left no will.
  • He claimed that he never fought a preliminary bout in his career, just main events.
  • However, this has recently been changed and they are now considered to be exhibition bouts.
  • After he suffered another bout the following week, it was determined that heart surgery was necessary.
  • All of the previous fighters return and must face each other through a series of bouts.
  • The orders from the governor were clear, however, and the bout was stopped.
  • During the last years of her life, she suffered from severe bouts of depression.
  • Wells continued to fight, having eight more bouts, winning five and losing six.
  • These characters can also be taken into online bouts, which in itself is a new addition to the series.
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Meaning of bout

  • noun A period of illness
    a bout of fever, a bout of depression
  • noun A contest or fight (especially between boxers or wrestlers)