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  • He used it to get wood, and then to turn himself into a bourgeois.
  • The first section questions if the revolution was meant primarily for the bourgeois revolution.
  • He went ahead of the princess, turned himself into the bourgeois, and went back.
  • He was born in a well off bourgeois family, which also had acquired noble titles.
  • Bourgeois lost her mother at the age of twenty-one.
  • "Workers in the bourgeois countries must fight for equal rights for men and women."
  • He was born into a bourgeois family and studied law.
  • Also he finally accepted his role of lower rural bourgeois and never again lived in Barcelona.
  • By her family she belonged to the higher bourgeois society in Paris.
  • Today his own works appear as prototypes of the later developed bourgeois German drama.
  • No bourgeois, no noble, no aristocrat, no priest could vote - only working people.
  • This bourgeois look has often been seen as being in ironic contrast with his far left politics.
  • Two of these women were dressed like good ~bourgeoises~ of Paris. Cited from Notre-Dame de Paris, by Victor Hugo
  • Northern artists continued to make more individual portraits, often looking very much like their other bourgeois sitters.
  • Apparently the mid-age bourgeois refers to the school's administration, which is appointed by the university.
  • We then cut to the 'dinner' party which is being held in a modern bourgeois apartment.
  • In Spain proper, this marked the end of the second Spanish bourgeois revolution.
  • Several former noble or grand-bourgeois 18th century places are regularly used for local and visitors during summer season.
  • In the following week, nearly all conservative and bourgeois-liberal deputies left the parliament.
  • Both sides of his family were solid members of Swiss bourgeois society.
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Meaning of bourgeois

  • noun A member of the middle class