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  • This type of self-termination is sometimes referred to as "bottlenecking in the lower level".
  • This bottlenecking of content results in longer buffering time and poor viewing quality.
  • The main goal was to prevent certain bottlenecking, although some bottlenecking did take place at the start line because of the transponder timing system.
  • It can then be used amongst other things for real-time monitoring, de-bottlenecking or plant redesign, or for "what-if" analysis.
  • The platform shelters were only sufficient for a limited space, and the halt often suffered from bottlenecking at the ticket area.
  • Many researchers believe that the cognitive function subject to the most severe form of bottlenecking is the planning of actions and retrieval of information from memory.
  • After de-bottlenecking, revamping and expansion project, its capacity today is 6 MMTPA.
  • Blocks that have considerable interdependencies are re-arranged by the compiler to spread out the communications in order to avoid bottlenecking the transport.
  • A genetic study released in 1994 showed genetic bottlenecking and a severe risk of inbreeding, and led to the establishment of a conservation plan.
  • These viewpoints differ in that, while bottlenecking attempts to force many thoughts through the brain at once, adaptive executive control prioritizes tasks to maintain a semblance of order.
  • The vehicle's width is wider than previous trains, which is achieved by having a short standard carriage's length of, The inter-carriage passages as wide limiting bottlenecking.
  • The refinery configuration lends itself well to de-bottlenecking and its capacity is enhanced to 14mtpa in 2009.
  • If forest population cannot move with or at an equivalent speed to the rates of climate change, the consequences include disrupted reproductive cycles, fragmentation, genetic bottlenecking, and extirpation.
  • Inclement prevailing winds, traffic bottlenecking, flooding, site pollution, significant environmental complications and native title uncertainty are some of the risks identified for any real estate development in the Toondah Harbour area.
  • Historically the color was found in the Dutch Groningen, but the breed was crossbred to produce the Dutch Warmblood and underwent subsequent genetic bottlenecking, so the gene may no longer be present.
  • The wider bridges eliminated the bottlenecking that occurred at both ends of the old bridges and also will be able to accommodate 50 percent more traffic than the old twin spans, according to the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development.
  • Thus, there is a market-based approach to addressing the issue of bottlenecking by allowing the market to choose from other ISPs that are providing better network speeds, which may force the ISPs using Internet bottlenecks to reduce or remove the bottlenecks.
  • Having just all the PCI Express lanes within the Northbridge claimed to be more efficient and less bottlenecking as compared to the nForce 4 16x SLI.
  • The potential of the Voodoo2's SLI was limited by CPU bottlenecking Still, the long-term accomplishment of this technology can be seen in its usefulness in gaming as late as 2004.
  • Having all of the PCI Express lanes within the Northbridge claimed to be more efficient and less bottlenecking as compared to the nForce 4 16x SLI.
Root form of bottlenecking is bottleneck for the verb.

Meaning of bottlenecking

  • verb Slow down or impede by creating an obstruction
    His laziness has bottlenecked our efforts to reform the system
  • verb Become narrow, like a bottleneck
    Right by the bridge, the road bottlenecks