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  • Series production never went ahead due to capacity bottlenecks.
  • This work has helped take away one of the bottlenecks on the East Coast Main Line.
  • About one-third of the country's freight trains pass through the city, making it a major national bottleneck.
  • One can recall from only one at region at a time (a bottleneck).
  • It caused bottlenecks in the supply chain and further damaged already troubled production.
  • The narrow bridge acted as a bottleneck, causing many to be killed or captured.
  • Using a time-space diagram, we may model the bottleneck event.
  • The Cut-Off was built in part due to the bottleneck caused by this tunnel.
  • Now the bottleneck of the single radio send-receive-wait cycle is eliminated.
  • Past experience indicated bottlenecks, however, in using modern technology to achieve a healthy growth.
  • However, it also leads to a bottleneck during the morning and evening peaks.
  • A bottleneck quickly developed so that Union troops could only cross slowly and in small numbers, making the crossing last throughout the day.
  • This section of the highway, which was two lanes, has been a bottleneck for many years.
  • Of particular importance is carbon, because its formation from He is a bottleneck in the entire process.
  • At any time, only one can be selected, resulting in the attentional bottleneck.
  • The design's limited elevator service has caused bottlenecks for street level patrons.
  • They will often run stress tests that will identify the system bottlenecks.
  • Although it now numbers in the hundreds of thousands, the potential for bottlenecks within colonies remains.
  • The group is currently facing major financial and legal bottlenecks.
  • Other research has cast doubt on the genetic bottleneck theory.
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Meaning of bottleneck

  • noun The narrow part of a bottle near the top
  • verb Slow down or impede by creating an obstruction
    His laziness has bottlenecked our efforts to reform the system
  • verb Become narrow, like a bottleneck
    Right by the bridge, the road bottlenecks