bottleneck slide

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  • Many reviews had complimented his bottleneck slide work and expressed a desire to hear more of it.
  • The song features a bottleneck slide guitar solo towards the middle of the song and a dramatic outro solo performed by Taylor.
  • Woods played his guitar flat on his lap, in a similar manner to the Hawaiians, using a broken bottleneck slide technique.
  • Delaney Bramlett handed Harrison a bottleneck slide guitar, which he immediately began to play around with.
  • The thirteen tracks on the album once again performed by guitarist Damien Kelly include unique new music for bottleneck slide and also music for guitar with digital delay.
  • His bottleneck slide playing and fingerpicking finesse are deft and fluid as ever.
  • The song is primarily an instrumental featuring Johnson's self-taught bottleneck slide guitar and picking style accompanied by his vocalizations of humming and moaning.
  • Various sources claim that he learned the rudiments of playing a bottleneck slide guitar after watching an Hawaiian music ensemble, who toured Louisiana in the early part of the 1920s.
  • Gulezian's use of bottleneck slide on 12-string guitar, coupled with his command of reverse analog reverbs have made his recordings notable for their dream-like sonic atmosphere.
  • He recently completed his second term as the Illinois State Scholar for the Smithsonian Institution's traveling exhibit on roots music New Harmonies and working on a new instrumental bottleneck slide guitar CD.
  • This also marked a strong move into bottleneck slide style of playing and featured music written and played between the 1860s and the 1930s by folks like Stephen Foster, The Carter Family and Jimmie Rogers.
  • Performing on six-string and bottleneck slide guitars and harmonica, Vallillo writes and performs original, contemporary, and traditional songs and creates musical narratives as a portrait of the history and lifestyles of the Midwest.
  • Guitarist Dickey Betts sets up the Sonny Boy Williamson boogie vamp, while Duane Allman comes in over the top with bottleneck slide guitar part, after which vocalist Gregg Allman narrates the drama of the song.