bottleneck guitar

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  • Bottleneck guitar may have actually developed from Steel guitar technique.
  • Slide guitar or bottleneck guitar is a particular method or technique for playing the guitar.
  • His rural bottleneck guitar pieces were among the first to be compiled on LP.
  • The music starts with blues bottleneck guitar followed by a throbbing rhythm section before the vocals break in.
  • He plays guitar, electric slide guitar and bottleneck guitar.
  • His chosen instruments include guitar (particularly slide or bottleneck guitar) and mandolin.
  • His guitar accompaniment does not use Kokomo Arnold's bottleneck guitar style.
  • Fingerpicks are also used by Hawaiian guitar players, Dobro players and bottleneck guitar players.
  • In an astonishing short time, with only these four musicians as models, House developed to professional standard a blues style based on his religious singing and simple bottleneck guitar style.
  • At an early Doors rehearsal Morrison heard Krieger playing bottleneck guitar and initially wanted the technique featured on every song on the first album.
  • Delta Blues legend and master of the bottleneck guitar Mississippi Fred McDowell was born here before moving to Mississippi.
  • Guitarist Brian Robertson was against the idea, as he liked the song as it had originally been arranged, in a blues format with his own additions of piano and bottleneck guitar.
  • In a hamlet south of Clarksdale, Son heard one of his drinking companions, either James McCoy or Willie Wilson (his recollections differed), playing bottleneck guitar, a style he had never heard before.
  • He tuned his guitar on only one chord, not realising that the first generation of blues singers in the Mississippi Delta also tuned their guitars on a single chord for playing slide or bottleneck guitar (a technique called open tuning).
  • Their debut Sweet East River (2006) features special guests Sophie Crumb (who also provided the cover artwork) on banjolin, Alec Morton from Raging Slab on bass, Jim Stout on banjo and Sam Hopkins on bottleneck guitar.
  • The initial configuration comprised Bob Hite as vocalist, Alan Wilson on bottleneck guitar, Mike Perlowin on lead guitar, Stu Brotman on bass and Keith Sawyer on drums.
  • The band's first album included, in addition to Hartsfield and Jordan, Phil Lucafo on bass, electric guitar, and pedal steel guitar; Art Baldacci on drums, bass, congas and piano; Greg "Ziggy" Biela on bass; and Freddie Dobbs on electric guitar, banjo, and bottleneck guitar.
  • The original lineup was a 17-year old Ry Cooder (vocals, six and 12-string guitar, mandolin, slide and bottleneck guitar, dobro), Taj Mahal (vocals, harmonica, guitar, piano), Gary Marker (bass), Jesse Lee Kincaid (born Nick Gerlach, vocals and guitar) and Ed Cassidy (drums).