bottleneck caused

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  • The Cut-Off was built in part due to the bottleneck caused by this tunnel.
  • The new facilities also removed the bottleneck caused by limited capability of the old terminal and runway.
  • This low genetic variability was allegedly due to a population bottleneck caused by intense hunting in the 19th century.
  • This eliminates the bottleneck caused by standard frame-by-frame image acquisition, and thus facilitates considerably higher image sampling rates.
  • This may suggest that the subspecies has experienced a very recent genetic bottleneck caused by human pressure, with the founders of the captive population being captured when genetic variability was higher in the wild.
  • On the other hand, if chains are mostly initiated at lower levels, individuals already in high status positions will see their careers plateau while only those at lower levels will move comparatively quickly before they reach a career bottleneck caused by the lack of opportunities at higher levels.
  • The extant species are closely related and thought to be descendents of birds that survived a genetic bottleneck caused by the marine transgression during the Oligocene when most of New Zealand was underwater.
  • Over time, with isolation, such as a population bottleneck caused by purposeful (assortative) breeding or natural environmental factors, the deleterious inherited traits are culled.
  • This timetable bottleneck caused the B&O Railroad to pile up trains in yards and along the lines on the double tracks on either side of Harpers Ferry in order to maximize their throughput during this new curfew.
  • Analysis of the 1996 Mount Everest disaster shows that part of the blame was on the bottleneck caused by the large number of climbers (33 to 36) attempting to summit on the same day; this was considered unusually high at the time.