bottleneck as

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  • The High Street was a major bottleneck as almost all the through traffic had to pass along it.
  • The traditional model can become a bottleneck as data sets gets bigger and the time to access that data gets shorter.
  • According to research, this seems to be due to a recent bottleneck as well, which drastically decreased the size of the eastern Mediterranean population.
  • BSB is an improvement over the older practice of using a single system bus, because a single bus typically became a severe bottleneck as CPUs and memory speeds increased.
  • Skipton bypass was opened in 1981, providing welcome relief to the town, which often became a bottleneck as through traffic crossed in the town.
  • Four climbers died on Mount Everest over the same weekend, after the large number of climbers created a bottleneck as weather conditions deteriorated.
  • In empirical observations, traffic congestion occurs usually at a highway bottleneck as a result of traffic breakdown in an initially free flow at the bottleneck.
  • After the highway on both sides of the bridge was widened to eight lanes, the six-lane bridge became a daily bottleneck as heavy traffic slowed in order to funnel into fewer lanes.
  • The floods nearly entirely covered the gopher's geographic range, which may have caused a genetic bottleneck as survivors repopulated the region after the waters receded.
  • When higher speed media (i.e. hard disks) became more available to the Amiga, this redundant data posed a bottleneck as all data needed to be realigned to be passed to the application.
  • The traditional traffic route along the A11 trunk road became a bottleneck as it ran both ways along High Street and Church Street, thus in the 1970s a one-way system was opened channelling traffic around the natural ring road surrounding the church.
  • By 2000, Servetus Street had become as much of a bottleneck as Rochdale Road had prior to 1985.
  • For example, scalability is addressed through focusing the attention of the QA team in the set of services that are causing the bottleneck as opposed to trying to solve scalability for the entire system which can be a much bigger problem.
  • The subdivision step is typically performed on the CPU which creates a bottleneck as geometry commands are buffered to the GPU.
  • This suggests the studied bed bug populations did not undergo a genetic bottleneck as one would expect from insecticide control during the 1940s and 1950s, but instead, that populations may have been maintained on other hosts such as birds and bats.
  • This is only a rule of thumb as is seen in many other lasers: The helium-neon laser also has a bottleneck as one decay step needs the walls of the cavity and this laser typically runs in continuous mode.
  • This project is exploring upgrade/replacement of the main span, which is a bottleneck as the bridge is only two lanes, whereas U.S. Route 301 is a four lane divided highway in both Maryland and Virginia.