both remakes

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  • Rajasree, who again reprised her role, was the only actor to appear in both remakes.
  • Both remakes were hits at the box office.
  • Both remakes will be ported to the PlayStation Portable under the title, each to be released as two separate games.
  • Both remakes add songs from other Richard Rodgers musicals.
  • He also wrote the story for A Star Is Born and received a story credit for both remakes in 1954 and 1976.
  • It was later revealed that Sony had contacted Beamdog about making both remakes available on the PlayStation 3, though nothing would come out of it.
  • Both remakes were made by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, which bought the 1931 version from Universal.
  • Both remakes are close adaptations of the original, in many episodes simply moving plots to French or German locations and translating and adapting dialogue and character names into French or German.
  • His next two films earned him wide admiration, The Mark of Zorro (1940) and Blood and Sand (1941), both remakes of silent films.
  • Priyadarshan had 2 releases on the same day, Kyon Ki and Garam Masala, both remakes of Malayalam films.
  • However, Kassila's next two films, Kuriton sukupolvi (1957) and Syntipukki (1957) - both remakes of the 1930s Finnish films - did well at the box office.
  • He is shooting for two remakes, Jannal Oram and Pulivaal, both remakes of Malayalam films, Manja Pye and Anjalai.