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  • Info A borough is an administrative division in various countries. more...
  • Often, a borough is a single town with its own local government.
  • The borough's new town walls were also began during this period.
  • The area covered by the modern borough has a long history.
  • The Borough has some of the schools with the best results in the country.
  • The borough has a long history which is based mainly around the economy of the area.
  • In each case the existing borough council became the city council.
  • Primary responsibility for education in the borough lies with the local education authority.
  • A number of private schools are also located in the borough.
  • Several local parties contest only within a specific area, a single county, borough or district.
  • It is run by an elected borough council and an elected mayor.
  • The set of Sun Hill police station was also located in the Borough.
  • The last three had been the largest county boroughs outside the London area without city status.
  • There are many schools and further education facilities in the borough.
  • The borough can therefore claim to be home to two of the top twenty teams in English football.
  • The Act did not include a name for the new borough.
  • The boroughs are responsible for many activities that had previously been run by the central city.
  • He was prominent in the borough's affairs throughout his life.
  • The majority of the borough's land is urban, with some forest in the north.
  • The borough's land is mostly residential, with some forest and industrial areas.
  • The borough currently has a Conservative-led council which has been the most common administration since its formation.
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Synonyms of borough

Meaning of borough

  • noun One of the administrative divisions of a large city
  • noun An english town that forms the constituency of a member of parliament