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  • Leptobrachium boringii exhibits sexual selection in a striking way.
  • Two subgenera, Leptobrachium and Vibrissaphora, are recognized; the latter was originally described as a genus, with Vibrissaphora boringii as the type species.
  • Moreover, male Leptobrachium boringii are larger, on average in snout-vent length, than females, which are on average in SVL (female-biased sexual size dimorphism is more common in frogs).
  • Male Leptobrachium boringii exhibit conspicuous keratinized nuptial spines that grow on their upper lip during the breeding season -- these are the "moustache" and "spines" referred to in its common names.
  • Leptobrachium boringii, commonly known as the Emei moustache toad or Taosze spiny toad, is a species of amphibian in the family Megophryidae.

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