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  • Borderline cases should be discussed on the article's talk page.
  • Transitional countries are on a borderline from one political system to another, but no violent long-term conflict has yet occurred.
  • The river is best known for establishing the borderline at its lower tract.
  • They made the analysis and determined that the targets were caused by weather, although it was a borderline case. Cited from The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects, by Edward Ruppelt
  • He had been on a borderline long enough. Cited from An Outback Marriage, by Andrew Barton Paterson
  • Since the mid-20th century it has been used to refer to intermediate or borderline chemical elements.
  • The works intensified as the war reached near end, and indeed the borderline was cleared in time.
  • Such an artificial distribution, once made, necessarily affected the borderlines to the north and south.
  • After initial borderline results this drug was shown to be effective in phase III trials.
  • He was on the borderline of that conflict, however he was more inclined to the romantic style.
  • During the apartheid era, race classification was based on appearance and there were many borderline cases.
  • They were used in many cases for borderline pass/fail results in the 11+.
  • This film contains not a single plausible moment after the opening sequence, and that's borderline.
  • The borderline between public law and private law is not always clear in particular cases, giving rise to attempts of theoretical understanding of its basis.
  • Most current practitioners will use one over the other, though in cases of borderline diagnoses, both systems may be referred to.
  • These will change, in some borderline cases quite substantially, the layout of the various pages.
  • The film portrays the relationship between a young male student and a young woman with borderline personality disorder.
  • It would be decades before the cinematic community would once again tackle the subject matter raised in Borderline.
  • It was released in June 1996 as the second single released from their album Borderline.
  • The book is mainly concerned with the borderline between psychiatry and art, illness and self-expression.
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