borderline tumors

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  • Borderline tumors, even following spread outside of the ovary, are managed well with surgery, and chemotherapy is not seen as useful.
  • PTCs are generally benign, but may, on rare occasions, give rise to borderline tumors and malignancies.
  • While the 5-year survival rates of borderline tumors are excellent, this should not be seen as evidence of cure, as recurrences can occur many years later.
  • Grade 0 cancers are also referred to as borderline tumors.
  • Clear stromal invasion is used to differentiate borderline tumors from malignant tumors.
  • In the case of borderline tumors confined to the ovary and malignant tumors without invasion, the survival rates are 90% or greater.
  • On the other hand, in cases of conservative treatment in advanced stage borderline tumors, spontaneous pregnancy rates have been estimated to be 35% and the risk of lethal recurrence 2%.
  • Conservative management (without bilateral oophorectomy) of early stage borderline tumors have been estimated to result in chance of over 50% of spontaneous pregnancy with a low risk of lethal recurrence of the tumor (0.5%).