borderline hydrides

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  • Info Borderline hydrides typically refer to hydrides formed of hydrogen and elements of the periodic table in group 11 and group 12 and indium (In) and thallium (Tl). more...
  • Borderline hydrides exist with a bond character somewhere between the classical and non-classical hydrides.
  • Borderline hydrides are most commonly formed via the acidification or reduction of metal salts.
  • A more recent definition of borderline hydrides refers to hydrides that exist between classic and non-classic dihydrides.
  • It should have properties similar to that of hydrogen selenide and hydrogen telluride, other borderline hydrides.
  • Borderline hydrides exhibit bonding characteristics between ionic and covalent bond types.
  • Hydrogen telluride (H 2 Te) and hydrogen selenide (H 2 Se) are both borderline hydrides of high volatility that produce strong, unpleasant odors.