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  • Each booth contains a clock which shows how much time is left in the round.
  • The school also has a dedicated music recording studio with two recording booths.
  • There are some events in each month and sometimes there are so many booths on the street.
  • The theatre also includes six box-style booths on each level.
  • Booth runs down the street and back to the theater to find himself back in the present.
  • The part time booth has two stairs to the street and one to each platform.
  • Several events and booths were present at the Sports Hall during this special day.
  • The students and clubs set up booths to sell things or share their interests.
  • Food booths, music and dance are added to this event as well.
  • The police also found a bank book belonging to Booth in the room.
  • Booth has made guest appearances in many other television series.
  • The body was identified there as Booth's by more than ten people who knew him.
  • The body was identified there as Booth's by more than ten people who knew him.
  • Students are given the opportunity to sign up for booths to make a profit.
  • However, there a still some free-standing game booths that are assembled on site.
  • The Press Box consists of three broadcast booths for television and radio media.
  • At the time of the attempt there were two guard booths out front, which are not present today.
  • What became of Booth's body has always been and probably always will be a mystery. Cited from Lincoln's Yarns and Stories, Alexander McClure
  • Each pod has an information and medical booth and a community art project.
  • At the time, there were two guard booths in front, which are not present today.
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Meaning of Booth

  • noun A table (in a restaurant or bar) surrounded by two high-backed benches
  • noun Small area set off by walls for special use
  • noun United states actor and assassin of president lincoln (1838-1865)
  • noun A small shop at a fair; for selling goods or entertainment