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  • He also received the first of two career boosts due to outside events.
  • The new system would also provide a power boost to move the vehicle.
  • It is expected that this development will give the province a major economic boost.
  • This boosting effect allows them to be taken less frequently throughout the day.
  • However, winning a major boosts a player's career far more than winning any other tournament.
  • Although not as successful as their debut, it still was boosted to gold status.
  • As a radio program, it also plays regional music, giving a boost to local culture.
  • Players can carry up to three Boosts at a time and can be used three times.
  • There are six Boosts in the game and each one has a different ability.
  • The coming of the railroad was a major economic boost for the town.
  • He brought with him a much needed boost of energy.
  • Their intelligence is boosted by the long growing period of the young.
  • It boosted the local population and labor force greatly as construction workers and their families moved into the town.
  • Special stages do not serve any purpose apart from boosting the player's score.
  • The result was that the final score of boys were boosted and those of girls reduced.
  • The plan, however, should not be considered as something that boosts only one man or one group of men. Cited from Industrial Progress and Human Economics, by James Hartness
  • The scheme became quite popular with children and further boosted the film's popularity.
  • The pilot must also take care to avoid over-boosting the engine and causing damage.
  • The city's commercial sector has also been boosted by the growth of the middle-class.
  • At the same time it is boosting the economy of the whole area.
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Meaning of boost

  • noun The act of giving hope or support to someone
  • noun The act of giving a push
    he gave her a boost over the fence
  • verb Give a boost to; be beneficial to
    The tax cut will boost the economy
  • verb Increase or raise
    boost the voltage in an electrical circuit
  • verb Push or shove upward, as if from below or behind
    The singer had to be boosted onto the stage by a special contraption