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  • The business soon became a boom and has continued to grow to this day.
  • Several hundred new homes were built, leading to a boom in the construction industry.
  • Over time, several more models were added, nearly a dozen during its boom period.
  • The city has recently been in a construction boom with tall buildings rising in many places.
  • As before, the boom led to new comic books, films and computer games.
  • The great clock in the tower had boomed the hour of eight some time since. Cited from The Lost Treasure of Trevlyn, by Evelyn Everett-Green
  • On and on we booms, with the land miles away on either side. Cited from Torchy, Private Sec., by Sewell Ford
  • The minutes slowly passed, a church clock boomed two, and the body moved. Cited from Scottish Ghost Stories, by Elliott O'Donnell
  • These latter two divisions were recently formed due to population booms in the area.
  • Before the first had died away a second one boomed out. Cited from Gunsight Pass, by William MacLeod Raine
  • The signal gun that called the men to die boomed your name for me. Cited from The Southerner, by Thomas Dixon
  • Until the construction boom of the late 1970s, relatively few modern buildings had been constructed.
  • The land around the district boomed due to a high rate of settlement in that period.
  • Would the bank open its doors when the hour boomed out? Cited from Tom Swift & his Electric Runabout, by V. Appleton
  • Around the same time, the population of many other nearby towns boomed.
  • A short lived post-war boom soon led to a depression that would be felt worldwide.
  • The company became one of the leaders of the independent film boom of the 1990s.
  • He boomed on till we reached the station yard, where his eye fell upon a familiar object. Cited from Jaffery, by William J. Locke
  • Out upon the night the cathedral bell boomed the third hour of morning. Cited from The Princess Elopes, by Harold MacGrath
  • During recent years in Poland, there has been a boom in musical theatre.
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Meaning of boom

  • noun A deep prolonged loud noise
  • noun A state of economic prosperity
  • noun A sudden happening that brings good fortune (as a sudden opportunity to make money)
    the demand for testing has created a boom for those unregulated laboratories where boxes of specimen jars are processed like an assembly line
  • noun A pole carrying an overhead microphone projected over a film or tv set
  • noun Any of various more-or-less horizontal spars or poles used to extend the foot of a sail or for handling cargo or in mooring
  • verb Make a resonant sound, like artillery
    His deep voice boomed through the hall
  • verb Make a deep hollow sound
    Her voice booms out the words of the song
  • verb Grow vigorously
    The deer population in this town is thriving, business is booming