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  • This work appeared in the form of six small booklets, published every two weeks.
  • He published two booklets in which he explained how he added numbers so quickly.
  • Following his death various papers that he had left behind were published in two booklets.
  • She also produced and published five booklets on the history of her flight clubs.
  • Each side of the booklet features a different cover for each part.
  • The three booklets are produced through the summer between academic school years.
  • Character information often comes in booklets which are read from throughout the course of the evening.
  • A full color booklet is also included with various facts about the film.
  • The booklet claims the end title song is not used in the film.
  • He also wrote many articles, some of which got published as booklets.
  • The albums booklet picture for every song has a specific meaning related to the story.
  • Along with the album came a booklet that gave information and thoughts on the songs.
  • He published several other booklets over the next few years.
  • He is the author of ten books of poetry, and many small-press booklets.
  • It was followed by nine other books as well as numerous magazine articles and film music recording booklets.
  • The booklet was written by the band and provided critical analysis for each track.
  • A number of sub-booklets were subsequently published together with the main book.
  • The album booklet and music video showed off the band's new gothic look.
  • Booklets are handed out to all people who are willing to take them.
  • He is an author and has written several books and booklets.
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  • noun A small book usually having a paper cover