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  • Info Bonyads are charitable trusts in Iran that play a significant role in Iran's non-petroleum economy, controlling an estimated 20% of Iran's GDP.
  • State-owned commercial banks predominantly make loans to the state, bonyad enterprises, large-scale private firms and four thousand wealthy/connected individuals.
  • Welfare programs for the needy are managed by more than 30 individual public agencies and semi-state organizations called Bonyad, as well as by several private non-governmental organizations.
  • A unique feature of Iran's economy is the presence of large religious foundations called Bonyad, whose combined budgets represent more than 30% of central government spending.
  • A few months after the 1979 Iranian Revolution, Bonyad returned to Iran but because of his political beliefs could not continue his activities in his homeland.
  • Bonyad companies also compete with Iran's unprotected private sector, whose firms complain of the difficulty of competing with the subsidized bonyads.
  • Local city and town bonyad have been accused of sometimes using extortionate tehniques to draw the traditional Shia Islamic 20% khums donations from local business owners.
  • Entering the area of Karaj with main stations at Bonyad-e Rang, Karaj and Mehrshahr.
  • One organization that could now trade was Bonyad-e Mostazafen va Janbazan - a body that helps the underprivileged and war disabled, or a charitable trust with business interests.
  • After two years this contract was abandoned and was awarded to a Bonyad, the Mostazafan & Janbazan (M&J Foundation), a public cartel.
  • In 1999 Mohammad Forouzandeh, a former defense minister, reported that 80% of Iran's Bonyad companies were losing money.
  • He was made deputy president of the martyrs foundation, Bonyad Shahid, in 2005 and served as its president from 2005 to July 2009.
  • Sometime before December 2005 the foundation changed its name back to Bonyad Mostazafan as the "Martyrs and War Veterans Foundation" took over war veterans affairs.
  • The other 60 percent of the building is owned by the Alavi Foundation -- the Bonyad that is successor to the Pahlavi Foundation.
  • Turquoise Mountain Trust (in Persian, Bonyad-e Ferozkoh) is a non-governmental organization operating in Afghanistan, legally established in Scotland.
  • In 1995, he reorganized the document center of Iran's "Bonyad" into a professional historical institute, The Institute for Iranian Contemporary Historical Studies.
  • He is currently the head of the Bonyad-e Mostazafen va Janbazan (Foundation of the Oppressed and Disabled).
  • After this, Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei appointed a board of trustees and made the Bonyad-e Mostazafen va Janbazan subject to parliamentary scrutiny.
  • In the late nineteen seventies he was the president of Bonyad-e-Shahnameh, an institution devoted to the preservation of the authenticity of Ferdowsi's epic poem.
  • Bonyad companies also compete with Iran's unprotected private sector, whose firms complain of the difficulty of competing with bonyad firms whose political connections provide government permits and subsidies which eliminate worries over the need to make a profit in many market sectors.
  • In the 30 years since the Iranian Revolution, the Bonyad Mostazafan has continued to liquidate and sell portions of Shahinshahr without permission or consent and without any remuneration or compensation.
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