bony plates

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  • The body is covered by bony plates except for a few areas.
  • They have an armor-like body composed of approximately fifty bony plates.
  • It crushed its food with bony plates found in the back of its throat.
  • These fish are noted for the bony plates covering their bodies and their suckermouths.
  • The body surface is covered by small bony plates.
  • They also have a unique palate with seven to nine bony plates.
  • The body is covered with massive bony plates set close together and lying flat over the surface from head to tip of tail. Cited from Dinosaurs, by William Diller Matthew
  • They possess some bony plates on their heads and near their dorsal fins.
  • The body has two rows of overlapping bony plates on each side.
  • Together these bony plates form the outer skeleton of the species.
  • Among the remains, one adult female specimen is fully preserved, with bony plates and other important macroscopic features.
  • These had long bodies, a head covered with bony plates and generally weak or undeveloped limbs.
  • Their bodies are highly compressed, and mostly covered with bony plates.
  • The old placoderms did not have teeth at all, but had sharp bony plates in their mouth.
  • The bony plates on its back were rather small and relatively low, triangular or fin-shaped.
  • One species, Saltasaurus, has even been discovered with bony plates, like the ankylosaurs.
  • After maturity any dislocation or change in this bony plate usually remains permanent unless some means are employed for its correction. Cited from People's Common Sense Medical Adviser in Plain English, by R.V. Pierce
  • It had small, ridged bony plates on its back and head and many sharp spikes along its back and tail.
  • The armadillo's head and body are covered by protective bony plates, with its head plate being the most prominent.
  • Both species are covered with much more hair than any other armadillos, mostly sprouting from its underside or between the bony plates along its back.
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