bony hand

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  • When she was quite gone her father reached a bony hand across to me. Cited from Red Axe, by Samuel Rutherford Crockett
  • As his bony hand lay in mine, his eyes looked straight at me. Cited from The Woman Who Toils, by Mrs. John Van Vorst and Marie Van Vorst
  • The old woman put out her bony hand and laid it on the girl's arm. Cited from Westerfelt, by Will N. Harben
  • He washed his bony hands in the air, and looked at his wife again. Cited from The Strolling Saint, by Rafael Sabatini
  • She was a silent woman, very thin and with very thin bony hands. Cited from Triumph of the Egg, by Sherwood Anderson
  • The Bishop stretched a large, bony hand across the little table that stood between them. Cited from The Militants, by Mary Raymond Shipman Andrews
  • Then he laid a bony hand on the boy's shoulder. Cited from The Fortunate Youth, by William J. Locke
  • He held a newspaper in one bony hand, but he was not apparently reading, for his eyes were fixed. Cited from The Bars of Iron, by Ethel May Dell
  • The ring must have all along been too small for the bony hand of the once famous Court physician. Cited from The League of the Scarlet Pimpernel, B. Orczy
  • But no sound came, and his arms dropped, and his long bony hands pawed the air. Cited from The Judge, by Rebecca West
  • The next instant he bent and laid a bony hand upon her two clasped ones. Cited from The Way of an Eagle, by Ethel M. Dell
  • She placed a thin and bony hand upon his shoulder. Cited from The World's Greatest Books, Vol. I, Ed. by Arthur Mee & J. A. Hammerton
  • He ran one bony hand through his gray mane of hair. Cited from Call of the Cumberlands, by Charles Neville Buck
  • The young man reached out a bony hand. Cited from Literary Love-Letters, by Robert Herrick
  • And he raised his hard, bony hand to his head, and tossed the long white hair back over his shoulders. Cited from The Von Toodleburgs, by F. Colburn Adams
  • He remained standing, lifting his eyes after a brief, shifting study of his bony hands. Cited from Jane Cable, by George Barr McCutcheon
  • She stretched out a bony hand, without moving a step. Cited from Short Story Classics (American), Vol. 2, ed. by William Patten
  • The Squire struck the arm of his chair with a long and bony hand. Cited from Elizabeth's Campaign, by Mrs. Humphry Ward
  • She sat down on a chair edge, pressing a bony hand to her brow. Cited from Star-Dust, by Fannie Hurst
  • The Doctor caught the bony hands in his own fat healthy ones. Cited from The Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 12, No. 74, December, 1863, by Various
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