bony fist

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  • At the same time he rapped his bony fist to the other's nose. Cited from When God Laughs, and Other Stories, by Jack London
  • Of a sudden came realisation complete, and his great bony fist crashed on the board. Cited from Where the Trail Divides, by Will Lillibridge
  • He shook a bony fist in the direction of the camp, while his voice took on its fanatical shrillness. Cited from Pardners, by Rex Beach
  • He closed his great, bony fist in unspeakable agony at the thought. Cited from Way of the Lawless, by Max Brand
  • The packer doubled his bony fist and brought it down on the bunk-side. Cited from The Desert and The Sown, by Mary Hallock Foote
  • "Las Palomas forever!" said he, striking the table with his bony fist. Cited from A Texas Matchmaker, by Andy Adams
  • The attack was vigorous enough, but the attacker was unlucky, for he met Aleck's bony fist on his way before he could use his own. Cited from The Lost Middy, by George Manville Fenn
  • Here Judge Dolan frowned upon Marie and thumped the palm of his hand with a bony fist. Cited from The Heart of the Range, by William Patterson White
  • Before it landed, Captain stepped in to meet his adversary and, with the weight of his body behind the blow, drove a clenched and bony fist crashing into the other's face. Cited from Pardners, by Rex Beach
  • Now Anatomy climbs into the pulpit and shakes a bony fist at the congregation. Cited from Field and Hedgerow, by Richard Jefferies
  • "Aha, thou naughty little one!" cried the Witch, shaking bony fist. Cited from The Geste of Duke Jocelyn, by Jeffery Farnol
  • He ruled his camp followers through sheer force of brutal instincts; and many a head had ached in consequence of that bony fist coming in contact with it, when a dispute had to be settled. Cited from The Banner Boy Scouts on a Tour, by George A. Warren
  • His great bony fist crashed down upon the board and swept a precious Venetian beaker to the ground, where it burst into a thousand atoms, spreading red wine like a bloodstain upon the floor. Cited from The Strolling Saint, by Rafael Sabatini
  • It was a pathetically bony fist, but that it was sharp to hurt was evidenced by the squeal of pain it produced. Cited from When God Laughs, and Other Stories, by Jack London
  • The bony fist of the showman visibly propels them; their springs are an open secret; their faces are of wood, their bellies filled with bran; and yet we thrillingly partake of their adventures. Cited from Essays of Robert Louis Stevenson, by Robert Louis Stevenson
  • "Wha ever daurt sic a lee upo' my Grizel?" shouted Miss Horn, clenching and shaking her bony fist at the world in general. Cited from Malcolm, by George MacDonald
  • A gray matron, stout, and too tightly dressed for comfort, received him uneasily, a dark-eyed girl befriended him with a look and a quiet word, while a tall man, nodding a vigorous mop of silver hair, crushed his hand in a great bony fist. Cited from Dragon's blood, by Henry Milner Rideout