bony bream

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  • Info Bony bream Nematalosa erebi are a widespread and common, small to medium sized Australian freshwater fish often found in large shoals throughout much of northern and central Australia, and the Murray-Darling basin.
  • The name Bingera is believed to be derived from the Kabi language word meaning bony bream (a fish).
  • Despite these wide tolerances, bony bream are susceptible to low oxygen levels and are often the first species to succumb when ephemeral habitats begin to dry up.
  • Bony bream Nematolosa erebi occur at low salinities and frogs occur when the lakes are over-full.
  • Ewen Maddock Dam is stocked with bass, silver perch, golden perch and southern saratoga, while bony bream is also present naturally.
  • Additionally eel-tailed catfish, spangled perch and bony bream are present naturally.
  • The dam is stocked with bass, golden perch, silver perch and barramundi, while eel-tailed catfish, and bony bream are present naturally.
  • The dam is stocked with silver perch and golden perch, while bony bream, spangled perch and eel-tailed catfish breed naturally.
  • Bony bream and bony herring will be passed on to the boys and girls, and, so too, the rough parts of turtle; but the sweet fish and flesh are retained by the old and lusty men, who proclaim that they alone may eat of such things with impunity. Cited from The Confessions of a Beachcomber, by E J Banfield
  • Native fish that are found in the Gwydir-Mehi river system include bony bream, Murray cod, spangled perch, golden perch, which are often known as yellowbelly and eel-tailed catfish.
  • Fish species identified in the nearby Nutting Creek include: Spangled perch (Leiopotherapon unicolour), Bony bream (Nematalosa erebi) and Desert rainbow fish (Melanotaenia splendida tatei).