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  • This is a very large order that includes many of the bony fish in the ocean.
  • This gives these areas much of the same strength found in the bony tissue found in other animals.
  • This technique cannot be used for all species of bony animals.
  • On the back top of this part a very tall bony crest is present.
  • The body is covered by bony plates except for a few areas.
  • This form of fetal development is common in bony fish, even though their eggs can be quite small.
  • We are all gaunt and bony now, and have dark shadows around our eyes.
  • The bony ridge behind the eyes is another characteristic for this species.
  • Bony's work permit was delayed briefly, but was granted three days later.
  • Outside of Poland, bony had no value and were not regarded as legal tender.
  • He often states that "my friends call me Bony".
  • However, bony fish have a single gill opening on each side.
  • When severe or very advanced, the bony growth will be able to be seen on the coronet.
  • They had much wider bodies and have even been discovered with bony eyelids.
  • The head should be cleaned only with water, because it is bony and will be injured otherwise.
  • But his hand is very broad, thick and bony as well as freckled.
  • In bony fish and tetrapods the external opening into the inner ear has been lost.
  • Catfish have one of the greatest ranges in size within a single order of bony fish.
  • They have an armor-like body composed of approximately fifty bony plates.
  • These bony elements develop directly, meaning they do not have any cartilaginous precursors.
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Meaning of bony

  • adjective Having bones especially many or prominent bones
    a bony shad fillet, her bony wrist, bony fish