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  • They become fast friends, growing up and bonding through letters of support to each other.
  • The Church also runs an operation to provide food as a way of bonding communities.
  • He informs her of who he is, what has happened, and they end up bonding.
  • Houses are divided into home groups as an attempt by the college to encourage student bonding.
  • He was more than a bit put out with all the bonding his dad wanted to do now.
  • Such differences in potential can be reduced by proper bonding to a common ground at the house.
  • Bondings without the blood bond are not as successful or close as those with.
  • Bonding - A personal alliance between individuals arranged by the families since early childhood.
  • This takes place particularly in autumn, winter and spring, and is important in pair bonding.
  • The bonding process is also shown through the use of grooming, much like human parents and their children.
  • Many substrates provide a better bonding surface when they are treated at the time they are produced.
  • The fight serves as a bonding experience between the two young heroes.
  • This was where Jack learned his powers had increased, bonding him to cities much faster than usual.
  • For this pair bonding to take place, the male must stay one day with the female after they breed.
  • When desired, the bonding relationship can later be removed by the user.
  • She went through more than one attempt to undo her bonding, with varying results.
  • The differences between the types of solid result from the differences between their bonding.
  • This bonding must be removed before operating again on fourth-rail tracks, to avoid creating a short-circuit.
  • The bonding process takes place under heat and pressure.
  • Initial attempts did not work well: there were bonding issues and air pockets.
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Root form of bonding is bond for the verb.

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Synonyms of bonding

Meaning of bonding

  • noun A close personal relationship that forms between people (as between husband and wife or parent and child)
  • noun (dentistry) a technique for repairing a tooth; resinous material is applied to the surface of the tooth where it adheres to the tooth's enamel
  • noun Fastening firmly together
  • verb Issue bonds on
  • verb Bring together in a common cause or emotion
    The death of their child had drawn them together