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  • Later in the conflict, when night bombing became more frequent, all three were used.
  • The main focus of the bombing operations was against the city of London.
  • Children were also affected through the loss of parents in the bombing.
  • Germany itself would be subject to a heavy bombing campaign.
  • It included his claim to have met some of those who were actually responsible for the bombings.
  • Allied bombings destroyed much of the buildings in the village including the district office.
  • They were left to survive the fire-bombing as best they could.
  • Two suicide bombings occurred the next day, and another one took place the day after that.
  • These Japanese aircraft would also take part in another military first, a night-time bombing raid.
  • A film about the events was made shortly after the bombings.
  • Although most likely not being really involved in the bombing, he might have died of torture.
  • It was ordered to provide close air support, long-range scouting and long-range bombing.
  • He immediately admitted to carrying out all three bombings and was arrested.
  • The buildings have all been restored, although there are still signs of the bombing.
  • As the bombings continued more and more people moved out.
  • Low-level bombing was a major task for the participating aircraft and many were shot down.
  • Their purpose was to prevent American-led coalition forces from bombing certain locations.
  • It was closed after heavy bombing damage during the Second World War.
  • The town did not escape heavy bombings during the war.
  • This is based on an analysis of calls made in the hours before, during and after the bombing.
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Root form of bombing is bomb for the verb.

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Meaning of bombing

  • noun An attack by dropping bombs
  • noun The use of bombs for sabotage; a tactic frequently used by terrorists