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  • Info A bombardment is when an artillery is used to attack or when an aircraft drop bombs on fortifications, combatants, or towns and buildings.
  • The bombardment continued for another two days but still did very little damage.
  • The bombardment also destroyed other parts of the city including the city hall.
  • By the time the story takes place many bombardments have already taken place.
  • However, the flat island offered no other protection against the heavy bombardment.
  • These guns could be used against aircraft, ships, and for shore bombardment.
  • The results of such heavy bombardments were much less than expected.
  • The next day the bombardment continued while a landing party was prepared.
  • No one from either side was killed during the bombardment.
  • Around six thousand people were killed, and fourteen thousand wounded in the bombardment.
  • The heavy bombardment commenced and the units began to fall back to the river.
  • At the time, the usual training cycle for a bombardment group took three to four months.
  • Buildings require financial maintenance each turn, and can be destroyed by many means, including bombardment.
  • Oklahoma City was worked hard in shore bombardment duty during the war right until the end.
  • It also directly supported the bombardment forces on the morning of the assault.
  • This was the first of several bombardments performed by the ship against Japanese positions during the war.
  • They completed the bombardment then retired before Argonaut could make a second approach.
  • With this success however, came a price as the division now found itself under a violent bombardment from three sides.
  • She participated in a series of bombardments of Russian positions until late August.
  • More often than not bombardments and aerial attack damaged the track rather than the train directly.
  • Then you pulled several more of your fool ideas, such as long-range bombardment, and so on. Cited from Skylark Three, by Edward Elmer Smith
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  • noun The act (or an instance) of subjecting a body or substance to the impact of high-energy particles (as electrons or alpha rays)