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  • Players with names in bold type are current players on the team.
  • Other units may be found in the table below, where the more often used terms are in bold.
  • And when your man is down, how bold you are!
  • It is in keeping with the bold scientific age in which we live.
  • Clubs which were among the league's founder members are shown in bold.
  • The highest peak or point in each state is noted in bold.
  • Players in bold are still playing for the national team.
  • The more commonly used is shown below in bold type.
  • The channel in bold also broadcast their own version of Top Model.
  • Players listed in bold are still active at national level.
  • They should also steel themselves to be bold and ever so slightly bloody.
  • He was then full grown when these things happened, and was the boldest of all men. Cited from The Story of Burnt Njal, by Anonymous
  • The figures in bold represent the most times this competition has been won by an English team.
  • The name of each canton in its own official language is shown in bold.
  • Results in bold indicate elections after which the party formed the government.
  • Then you would have seen people draw aside, and the boldest among them takes to flight. Cited from Four Arthurian Romances, by Chretien DeTroyes
  • Being bold can be a huge step in social development.
  • He then made a bold statement saying that he does not care about the money, but only about the game.
  • The company now comes up with a bold plan.
  • In society's point of view being bold means being brave.
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Meaning of bold

  • adjective Fearless and daring
    bold settlers on some foreign shore, a bold speech, a bold adventure