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  • What happened to Peter when he began to look at the boisterous wind? Cited from Sermons on Biblical Characters, by Clovis G. Chappell
  • He had almost said it, too, at the top of his boisterous voice. Cited from The Tale of Old Mr. Crow, by Arthur Scott Bailey
  • So boisterous was the old one, that I could not bring him away. Cited from The Life and Most Surprising Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, by Defoe
  • According to the song, they all enjoyed themselves, and possibly became rather too boisterous.
  • The campaign began with a boisterous public meeting at which all three candidates spoke.
  • One cannot help but notice the huge audience of mostly young and boisterous persons.
  • This day was very boisterous, and none of the natives came near us all day. Cited from Voyages and Travels, Vol. VIII, by Robert Kerr
  • Her manner was too boisterous and her method too modern. Cited from Reviews, by Oscar Wilde
  • He was very gay, and he put his arm round her with a boisterous laugh. Cited from Different Girls, by Various
  • With a boisterous laugh he went out into the street and shut the door. Cited from Bought and Paid For, by Arthur Hornblow
  • The house currently serves as student housing in what has become a boisterous off-campus neighborhood.
  • Before we left the scene of our carousal they had become quite boisterous. Cited from The Young Captives: A Story of Judah and Babylon, by Erasmus W. Jones
  • In the end he frightened the girl a good deal, so boisterous was he. Cited from The Yotsuya Kwaidan or O'Iwa Inari, by James S. De Benneville
  • For the day remained gray and boisterous until late in the afternoon. Cited from Pearl of Pearl Island, by John Oxenham
  • Her presence turned a group of boisterous young men into well-behaved gentlemen.
  • She said he would return home after drinking and be in a boisterous mood.
  • There was never any loud or boisterous note, never any direct appeal to the attention. Cited from Lippincott's Magazine, Vol. 22, August, 1878, by Various
  • Its play is becoming ever more and more boisterous. Cited from Nancy, by Rhoda Broughton
  • When she came in, she was always bound to be loud, and boisterous.
  • Henry looked from one to the other of us for a moment, and broke into a boisterous laugh. Cited from When Knighthood Was in Flower, by Charles Major
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